Academic Programs

Harding Theological College offers few theological degree programs such as

(a) Bachelor of Divinity (Residential):

  1. We have Integrated Bachelor of Divinity degree program for Pre-University Pass Candidates. The duration of the course is 5 years.
  2. Regular Bachelor of Divinity degree program for graduate and above candidates. The course duration is 4 years.

(b) Bachelor of Christian Studies (Distanced Education):

  1. This is well organised distanced theological education degree program for lay leaders in the church or any person who is interested to learn basic Christian doctrines and practice. Any secular graduate and above candidate can apply for this program. Duration of the course is 4 years.

(c) Master of Theology (Residential):

  1. This course will be staring from May 2021. Any Bachelor of Divinity graduate can apply for the program in three disciplines. For details contact College Office.
  2. The course duration is 2 years.

(d) Master of Christian Study (Extension Program).

  1. This course will be functional by October 2021. Any Bachelor of Christian Studies graduate can apply for the program.
  2. The course duration is 2 years

(e) Doctor of Ministry (Extension Program)

  1. This course is ongoing program as the college is D.Min Examination Centre for Senate of Serampore University.
  2. Any Bachelor of Divinity graduate, Master of Theology graduate, Master of Christian Study graduate can apply for the program. The college will also offer D.Min program under North East Christian University (NECU) from 2022 May.

Training Programs under Harding Universal Trust (Contact office for details)

1. Vocational Training Programs

  1. This program is collaborated with Government of Meghalaya “Youth Policy” and HUT will facilitate programs under the strict criteria given by the Government. Training program will comprise of Agri-allied programs such as Live Stock Keeping Training (Dairy Farming, Goat Farming. Fishery. Piggery, Duckling, Poultry); Floriculture Nursery training; Vegetable Farming; Vermicompost; Bee Keeping; etc.
  2. Duration of training differ from three to six months

2. Music School

  1. Youth will be trained with music skills both church music and folk music.
  2. Duration of the training differ from three to six months.

3. Manufacturing/Production and Marketing Traditional Products

  1. This program comprises of traditional medicine, fruit processing unit, art and painting, crafting; weaving; sculpture carving, etc., It has special emphasis on marketing our products to our community and beyond.
  2. Duration of training differ from three to six months.

4. Residential School under HUT

  1. This school was supposed to be functional from 2015. Due to many other factors, the physical infra-structure requirements are yet to fulfil from Government of Meghalaya. Some salient features of this school are to run the school under PPP Mode. Government will be responsible for fund and HUT will manage the school. No fees for students from class 6 to 12 classes. All the students are expected to stay in Hostel. Teachers are non-transferable; any successful teacher can retire from the school itself with all the retirement benefits provided by the management. Annual Evaluation of the teachers is very important because that will decide the continuity of the service. Management will decide which school curriculum will be followed. Students from Rural areas are supposed to avail this free education facility and promote them to become future leaders.